Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Major update IV: the big day

On Saturday, the 29th of May 2010, Remo and I got married in the castle of Verucchio, in the province of Rimini. We said 'si' to each other in front of about 90 guests who had joined us from different countries to celebrate our big day. A big thank you to all of you who have helped make it into an unforgettable day!

An unforgettable day that started (at least for me) with getting ready in the hotel room. While my super-and-incredibly-professional hairdresser/beautician was making me pretty, I got my 'something blue' from my witness and good friend Wendy. My friend Dragana started taking photos and my father was pacing impatiently up and down the room continuously asking whether I was ready yet because "it was time to go". 
For those of you who were wondering whether I was actually wearing my 'something blue', here is a photo of me 'slipping' it on ;-)

When I was 'finally' ready, my father walked me from the hotel, through the village, all the way up to the castle, where Remo was waiting. Upon entering the gate, three of my friends, dressed in medieval costumes, played the wedding march. Trying very hard not to cry we proceeded to the armory hall of the castle.

The ceremony was performed by the mayor of Verucchio and lasted no longer than 10 minutes. Assuming I understood most of what I said yes to, we exchanged rings, kissed (!) and put down our signatures. Then Remo's friend Max and my friend Wendy signed the same document as witnesses. The hardest part was over ;-)

The ceremony was followed by a small reception in the courtyard of the castle, during which nonno Elio (Remo's father) revealed his surprise for us (he had been talking about it to me for some weeks already!): a huge photo of Auro was hanging from the outside wall of the castle, saying: "Ciao a tutti! Brindo a modo mio con tutti voi alla felicita' di mamma e papa'. Salute! Sante'!" (Hello to all of you! Together with you I drink a toast in my own way to the happiness of my mom and dad. Cheers!). However, before we made it there we had to pass under the traditional shower of rice!

A photo with my Belgian family and one with Remo's: frietjes and spaghetti!

At 6 o'clock there was another couple getting married in the castle, so together with all the guests we walked down to the restaurant (less than 10 minutes walking). I can tell you that the road to the castle was considerably cleaner after I had passed twice with my wedding dress ;-)
In the restaurant a second reception was waiting for us on the big terrace. Peter, Caroline and Christoph embellished the already breathtaking panorama with their beautiful music.
Once the reception was over, we all moved inside for the (completely vegetarian) dinner. Not long after we had sat down, it started raining heavily outside. Thunder and lightening appeared out of nowhere. It was as if the sky was angry we had moved the festivities inside. The storm didn't last long, but it surely made an impression. Luckily for us, in Italy rain is said to bring good fortune to the bride: "sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata"!
After most of the food was eaten and lots of the alcohol was consumed (by mainly the Belgians, I have to say), Remo and I opened the dance floor (while the ceremony was the most stressful part for me, the dancing part had kept Remo awake for many nights!). However, by that time many of the Italians had already left (it was nearly midnight... way too late for an opening dance...) and Remo had been worrying for nothing. The Belgians, on the other hand, had been waiting and readily jumped on the dance floor ;-)
I'd be lying if I said the wedding party had lasted until the morning, because by 2 am the DJ was asked to switch of his music. I am, however, convinced that the people who stayed until the end had a good time and were not feeling that disappointed the next day when they were able to get out of bed before noon and hit the beaches of Rimini before returning home.

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