Friday, 20 February 2009


It's still snowing today, but because there is some sun, it feels already less cold. While I'm writing this, Auro is sleeping.
hope that he can sleep for another hour, because the longer his afternoon nap, the less he cries towards the evening.
Last night, however, we had one of those evenings where Auro was displeased with everything around him. There wasn't a place where he could sit/lie for longer than 2 minutes without crying as if the whole building was on fire. When my arm got tired of carrying him around, I put him in front of my computer and started one of the DVD's I brought back from Belgium. I chose for "Hopla", which is a 3D animation, developed by (as far as I know) a Belgian guy and starring the rabbit 'Hopla' as it's main character. It's made especially for 'very young children'. Anyway, as soon as I put in that DVD, Auro went quiet as a mouse an did not take his eyes of the screen for about half an hour!!! Auro was completely captivated by the colourful Hopla and his friends. See for yourself!!!


  1. Still watching Hopla?
    He is so still when watching it that he looks like a doll :)

    (see you next week!)

  2. I knew he'd like Hopla...a year from now he'll b ready 4 his first dose of "Deadwood". This boy has a future!