Thursday, 5 February 2009

Men with beards

The last couple of days Auro has been crying and screaming unceasingly. All the books say that 4 months and a half is a difficult period for babies, so I'm trying very hard to comfort and support him through it, but... Yesterday, after he had shown the usual signs of tiredness (rubbing his eyes and yawning), I put him in bed for his late afternoon nap. After one (yes!!) hour of angry crying I gave up and took him out again. He seemed quite happy that I did that, so after a while I tried to feed him. As was the case during many of the feedings over the past days, he drank and cried at the same time. In a desperate attempt to calm him down, I then started singing to him and almost immediately... he stopped crying!!! I could not believe it. Since there is only one song I know the words of, I ended up singing "Al die willen te kaap’ren varen" for more than 30 minutes! I just hope from the bottom of my heart that I will never have to calm him down like that when there are other people around, as I’m quite certain my voice would not have the same effect on them as it (luckily) seems to have on Auro.


  1. your baby is sooooooo cute!

  2. It's a bit too late for a colic...may be he is teething?

  3. Hallo!!! I don't know who Marina is, but I think she has right about teeth! Big Kiss Gran Mother Valeria (end aunt Elena + uncle Giorgio)