Friday, 30 January 2009

Just below zero

Today, and also the last couple of days, Changchun hasn't been that cold. The temperature is just a little below zero, so perfect to take Auro out for short walks. We dress him well though, just in case (see picture)! Just as he enjoyed being taken to 'Colruyt' in Belgium, he enjoys being shown around in his new home-town. Two days ago we took him to Walmart where he fell asleep listening to the Chinese background music. Yesterday we walked to the university where he closed his eyes once we were inside Remo's office (it's a really boring office!) And today we took a taxi to a babyshop downtown. They don't have that many things as the baby shops in Belgium (or Italy), but, except for an electrical breast pump, we did manage to find the things we needed. Our biggest purchase was a baby stroller!! It was the most expensive one in the shop, but still a good buy (about 170 euros).

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  1. estonian babies still go out to sleep for an hour or two with this weather. j├╝rgen slept outside with minus ten... i know in developed countries they would take the baby away for this!