Monday, 7 October 2013

July: summer break

In July, we truly started the summer holidays. We went to my in-laws in Cesenatico and took the kids to the beach. We also decided to give the kids a little push: we removed Tosca's diaper (during the day) and the training wheels of Auro's bicycle. 
When I left for Belgium some days later, Auro did not even want to try to ride his bicycle and Tosca did not look ready at all for being potty trained. I was almost happy to leave them in Cesenatico ;-)
Once in Belgium, I totally relaxed in a way you can not when there are kids in the house (not even when they are asleep). And then, when I was completely 'zen', I took a city trip to Rotterdam with my good friend Wendy. Three days of lazy shopping, undisturbed chatting and unworried relaxing in the pool and sauna of the hotel definitely did the trick!
After Rotterdam, me and my father packed the car and drove back to Genoa together. Some days later, we went to pick up Auro and Tosca and brought them home, where we spent the rest of July.
Cube house in Rotterdam
My beautiful niece in Belgium
My loud children in their swimming pool at home
My father insisted we'd have a barbecue
Dinner outside
One month into the potty training: number ones seem to be more or less under control ;-)

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