Saturday, 7 February 2009

Yellow water

Since not much new has happened since we came back to Changchun, I want to use this opportunity to dwell on some of Auro's more intimate moments of the day: bathing time! In an attempt to help him recognize the difference between day (when he is allowed to be awake and hungry) and night (when he should sleep and not cry for milk), we've worked out a sleeping ritual. Before putting him in bed for the night, for example, I always change him into his pajamas and feed him one last time. Bathing him before changing him into his pajamas is also a part of this evening 'ritual'. We usually bathe him every other day, but for the first 10 days, to help him get over his jetlag, we let him enjoy his bath every evening. And he really enjoys it! As soon as he is in the water he starts smiling and babbling. The fact that the rust in the pipes makes the water a little yellow doesn't bother him in the least!


  1. Helaba!
    Leuk om te lezen!
    Zo weten we meteen hoe het met jullie gaat!
    Dat bedje help idd om hen te leren dat het avond en bedtijd is...
    Ze genieten er enorm van, hé!
    En zingen helpt ook (bij onze Rowan hielp dat heel goed) om hen af te leiden.
    Groetjes en dikke kus!

  2. zie maar dat hij door da geel water geen chineeske wordt !!!


    groetjes uit Baaarchum


  3. Ciao Remo, siamo la famiglia Migliozzi da Riccione, ITALIA.
    COMPLIMENTI PER IL BLOG, ma soprattutto per Auro.
    se vuoi dare un'occhiata alla mia piccola,
    le foto sono molto vecchie, non ho mai tempo di aggiornarle.
    risalgono addirittura a prima dell'estate. (SIGH)
    Celeste ha compiuto un anno pochi giorni fa.

    saluti anche da Laura , Carmine e Daniela e Elisa (la mia mogliettina)