Thursday, 14 April 2016

New front door

In January, I turned 40. In Flemish, they say you get 'a new front door' when the first number changes, so basically every 10 years. I wasn't looking forward, but in the end it wasn't that painful at all ;-)
I started my day by having a haircut...
Flowers arrived, gorgeous earrings from my family and lost of other gifts from friends and neighbours.
A drink with the girlfriends...

And we've made it to this year!!!

And we have made it to the year 2016, which is this year. This new year's card, using the photographs our neighbour took right before Christmas, did not make it to any of our friends, I'm afraid. Lack of time (and organisation) remains the biggest problem of the Proietti family. Hopefully 2016 will bring some improvement in that area.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Thursday, 31 March 2016

What's missing from 2015 (November-December)

In November we went to Tenerife for a week. Both my mother-in-law and sister-in-law were waiting for us there. (14-21 November 2015)
Auro and Tosca love staying in a hotel...
amazing volcano Teide

Tosca in her flamenco dress
the flamenco craze continued at home...
The one and only Saint Nicholas in Milan (28/11/2015)
The same Saint Nicholas brought all these presents (06/12/2015)
Christmas recital at the kindergarten: traditional Genovese songs and dances (21/12/2015)

Christmas cake
Christmas morning at Cesenatico (25/12/2015)

What's missing from 2015 (September-October)

On the 12th of September, Auro had an early birthday party together with 2 other classmates that had recently turned 7.

Three birthdays, three birthday cakes!

Some days later, also Auro turned seven. (17/-9/2015)

In October, my dad visited us. We went for a walk in Praglia. (11/10/2015)
We are so lucky to live close to a place like this....
Tired after some hours of walking...
It took my dad several days to put togther these cupboards in the kids' room, but they look perfect!
One day in Albenga (25/10/2015)

Halloween in Campomorone is becoming a yearly tradition (31/10/2015)

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

What's missing from 2015: Family Trip (August-September)

At the end of August, we finally took a family trip (the 4 of us, without Remo's computer!). On the way to the campsite on the Etrsucan Coast, we stopped in Pisa to show the kids the leaning tower. (28/08/2015)
Our home for the week (Mulino a Fuoco- Vada)
Great swimming pool on the campsite
only a short walk from the tent to the white beaches of the Etrsucan Coast

Day trip to the mines of San Silvestro
ready to go inside the mines (31/08/2015)
Day trip to the city of Grosseto (02/09/2015)

On the way home we stopped Park of Pinocchio in Collodi (03/09/2015)

Monday, 21 March 2016

What's missing from 2015 (July-August)

Summer for us started (as usual) on the beach of Cesenatico

On the 14th of July, however, Auro fell and broke a little bone in his elbow. He underwent an operation and after 3 days at the hospital, he was released with a rather heavy plaster cast.
We got him a sling to help him carry the weight for the next 5 weeks.
And so life more or less continued as before....
Castle of Borgo Fornari (Ronco Scrivia)

Out of boredom grew the idea of making and selling bracelets. Something that would keep us busy the whole summer.

Visit to the caves of Toirano (02/08/2015)

This year we finally got seats to the much talked about Sagra del Minestrone of  San Martino di Paravanico, which is basically a dinner that starts with the Genovese style minestrone soup (vegetable soup with pesto). The local women get together 3 days beforehand to cut all the vegetables. They then let the soup simmer for many hours until it reaches the uniform consistency you see on the photo. It might not look very appetizing, but the taste is absolutely spectacular! (05/08/2015)

And back to Cesenatico beach for the festivities of the 15th of August...

Big day for Auro.
And off it goes!!!

Tosca discovering a kicking baby in the belly of a pregnant friend.