Monday, 15 April 2013

Spontaneous visit

Last Monday, Han, an old (Belgian) university friend posted a photo on Facebook stating that he was visiting Florence. When I proposed them (he was traveling with his partner Rik) to drop by on the way back to Belgium, I got an immediate answer saying that they would join us for dinner the next evening. And so it happened that they arrived at our house on Tuesday. It was the second time they saw the house, but the first time they visited it since we moved in. Let me explain. In the summer of 2010, looking for a house to buy, we visited several houses in and around Genoa. When we came to look at the house we live in now, Han and Rik just happened to be in Genoa and therefore momentarily joined us in our house hunt. I remember that they liked it as much as we did (and still do), so it was extra nice to be able to host them in it. 
A short drive to Praglia

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  1. Is that Han looking grey :-) ???
    Whatever happened to him loving blue hair??