Thursday, 29 January 2009

The magic of a new bed???

They say babies need one day for every hour of time difference to recover from their jetlag. In our case that is 7 hours, so 7 days for Auro to find his rythm again. Well, last night Auro fell asleep around 22:20 and this morning he opened his eyes at 11:00!!! I can not believe he was asleep for nearly 13 hours!! I had heard stories about magical super-babies sleeping 12 hours without waking up even once, but this... this I thought was something impossible!!! Maybe it was the magic of a new bed that made him sleep so long? Maybe it was the fresh Chinese air that did the trick? Or maybe he is just a wonder-boy!!! Whatever it is, I hope this is the rythm he was looking for!!

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  1. Your baby boy is so cute!!