Thursday, 30 April 2009

Spring! Lente! Primavera!

The warm weather of the last days has finally made the flower buds on the trees to break open and engulf the city in a sweet perfume. Since there are cherry trees everywhere in Changchun, it seems the whole city is in full bloom.
Japan is famous for it's cherry blossoms, but I have to say: in all the eight years that I lived in Japan, I don't think I have
ever seen so many cherry trees in one city!
Until now, Changchun was a grey and dirty city to me, but at this very moment it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to. It's strange what flowers can do to me. The open bags of garbage lying on the side of the road, the dirty construction sites, even the dust in the air doesn't bother me when I smell the sweet perfume of cherry blossoms. This is, without a doubt, Changchun at it's best!
With all these flowers outside, it would be a waste to stay inside, so I've been going out with Auro at least once a day. Today we walked to the university campus and wherever the branc
hes of the trees were in reach for Auro, we stopped and had a closer 'look'.

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