Friday, 17 April 2009


This morning we came back from a two days' visit to Jilin. The city of Jilin lies about 120km to the east of Changchun (one and a half hour by bus) and even though it is the capital city of Jilin province, it is considerably smaller than Changchun (1,7 million inhabitants in Jilin versus 2,3 million in Changchun). We also found Jilin to be prettier than Changchun...

On the first day we visited the 'meteorite shower museum', mainly because it was really cold outside (around 0 degrees) and secondly because I had never seen a meteorite before. The museum claims to have the biggest meteorite on display in the world: 1,7 ton! I don't know what I was expecting, but it looked just like an ordinary rock. They also had a smaller meteorite for visitors to touch (10RMB!), so we took Auro out of his stroller and let him touch to his heart's delight. He looked like the first man on the moon!!

On our second day, we walked from our hotel to the other side of the river and visited a Confucian temple. After paying the entrance fee, a lady accompanied us and opened up the buildings as we walked along. She, as most of the people we met in Jilin, was totally crazy about Auro and kept touching and kissing him. Even when she took him out of the stroller, Auro was least for a while ;-)

In the afternoon we took a taxi to Beishan Park, a hilly park on the outskirts of the city. The main attraction of the park (at least for us) is a beautiful Buddhist temple, but because this temple is situated on the top of one of the hills and we had to climb a lot of stairs, I had to take Auro out of the stroller and carry him. On the way up we left the heavy stroller behind with a lady who was selling good luck charms. On the way back, we bought something from her in return, upon which she presented Auro with a small wooden charm to hang around his neck. Then she either told us that it would make him sleep better or that we should remove it while he is sleeping to prevent him from strangling himself. Just to be sure I've attached it to his bed ;-)
Everywhere in the park Auro was attracting a lot (if not all) the attention of the Chinese. We literally couldn't go 2 paces without people stopping us and asking us all kinds of questions about Auro (of which we only understood two: boy or girl? how old?). He was kissed and photographed by so many people, you would think I was carrying Buddha himself! Even when he was asleep in his stroller, people flocked around him (silently) just to catch a glimpse of him sleeping!
One of the reasons why we made this trip was to find out how easy or difficult it would be to travel with Auro in China. I was especially worried about his sleeping during the night. We had asked for a room with two beds: one for us and one for Auro. We put him in the middle, tucked in the sheets as tight as we could and: he slept the whole night! So traveling in China with Auro turned out to be not too difficult. We will definitely be doing this more often!

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