Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Face to face

Usually I cook almost every day, but last Friday we ran out of gas and I haven't been able to use the gas cooker in the kitchen since then. The gas here works with a rechargeable card that you have to insert in a machine in the kitchen. On Friday, Remo took that card to the university and with the help of someone in the office we charged our 'gas card'. However, when Remo tried to insert the card in the machine again, absolutely nothing happened! Today (yesterday was a holiday) the same person who charged the card for us, called the gas company to ask what we should do and they told us to change the batteries in the machine. So, we tried that, but... still nothing!!!
Anyway, because we can't cook, we have basically been eating bread three times per day. So to have a change, we went out for lunch today. We went to eat noodles in 'Face to Face', a restaurant close to the university.

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