Monday, 20 April 2009

Tummy time

Three days ago Auro turned 7 months, but he still doesn't show any interest in rolling over from his back to his tummy or the other way around. Sometimes he rolls over from his tummy to his back, but because that seems to surprise him every time, I believe it's more thanks to his imbalance than a desire to return to his back. Even though he loves exploring the apartment, the idea of crawling around by himself does not seem very appealing to him either.
But mama doesn't give up so easily! Two or three times per day I try to stimulate him by putting him on his stomach. It probably will never be his favourite position, but he doesn't cry anymore from the moment he is on his tummy. He'll be ready to crawl when he is ready to crawl! You'll see!

1 comment:

  1. Auro-kun, do not believe them, says Jürgen. Crawling is not half as much fun as they try to convince you. Now they put the music box in front of you, but as soon as they discover you can actually move, they hide it away. Now they carry things to you and take you to the things you show interest in, but as soon as you make the mistake of crawling, you are expected to get everywhere yourself. The people who you thought were your best allies just watch and laugh! The irony is that they also immediately start hiding away everything you might find worth crawling for! When you are new to the business, they are happy for every inch you move. They might even clap and smile and tell you all sorts of good things. As soon as you demonstrate that you can actually move anywhere, they start speaking in negative imperative: NO! DON'T GO THERE! NO! DON'T TOUCH THIS! Tell me, what's fun about this? And when they take something really cool away from you, they never consider how hard it was for you to get there. There are countless bumps, slippery stretches, metallic corners etc on the way. I scream out loud every time I encounter one of these, just for them to know... But yes, all what they left around to touch these days are the yucky plastic things you are supposed to chew... No brother, don't let them trick you into that!!! From that moment you are destined to floor!
    I heard that you have fallen the victim of their "less breast campaign". Thank god, I am still holding on and not accepting any of that stuff into my mouth. Anything that is not plastic or breast, cannot get past my lips, even though I have one of those exciting things they call teeth! Poor you... Keep clear at least from crawling!