Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Last Friday we flew to Beijing to meet 'la nonna' and 'la zia Lara' who came to visit from Italy. From the airport we took two taxis (we couldn't fit all the luggage in one taxi) to the old part of the city, where we had reserved two rooms in a very nice courtyard hotel. A courtyard hotel is a traditional style hotel, consisting of a compound of houses around a square courtyard. It wasn't just nice to stay in a Chinese style place, but it turned out to be a great choice for traveling with Auro too. When it was time for his nap, he could sleep in the room while we were sitting outside in the courtyard in front of the room without disturbing him. For the next three days we visited some places, did some shopping, had good food in nice restaurants and relaxed a loooot! Here are some pictures of our weekend in Beijing.

La nonna, Remo and zia Lara on the way to the Lama Temple.

Remo feeding Auro his breakfast in the courtyard of the hotel.

La nonna and Auro, who is sitting on his brandnew 'vasino' (=potty) which was made in Sierra Leone and brought from there by zia Lara.

Showing another present from Sierra Leone: a piece of fabric used by the women to carry their babies. Please note that Auro did not object to being carried like this at all!!

And last, but not least: Auro napping in his stroller while holding on to his pacifier so no Chinese lady can take it away from him while he is sleeping!!

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  1. Looks like you had very good time in Beijing! I'm very happy for you! Auro looks sooo big, more like a toddler than a baby ;) I love the photos, especially the one, where Remo is spoon feeding Auro! The one with soother, saying "Papa is the best" is very adorable too. Hope the rest of "La nonna"'s and "La zia Lara"'s stay is as pleasant as the stay in Beijing. Hope to speak to you soon.