Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Finally sailing!

As Caroline mentioned in some posts of her I was in Japan for about ten days. I had to go there for some university related stuff but the fun came, as usual, from being able to go to the harbor and working on Jan Haring. The idea, for this time of the year, was to go sailing 2 or 3 days but the events stopped me from doing it. Indeed, the day I had decided to check the boat out, I sailed out of the marina to find out that the maximum speed, with engine on, was about 3 knots. For people not familiar with boat it is like to have a car not capable of passing 30km/h. You can just not go anywhere! So, a sudden change of plans made me decide for hauling the boat out and clean its hull. Indeed the problem was exactly it: after one and half year of sitting still in the water the old anti-fouling had lost all its characteristics and a forest had grown below the waterline. So I decided to move Jan Haring to another marina (Shin-Nishinomya) where they were able to haul it out as soon as I had arrived. For four days I worked on the hull but finally, with also the precious help of some friends (Simon, Tom and Crip) the work was done. The evening before the day when I was supposed to leave Japan I had the boat put back in the water. That was the moment of the truth, in fact I had to check the speed of the boat (and I had also to sail back to my marina!!!). Luckily the gps gave about 6 knots without engine! What a relief! Definetely, the 400kg of "stuff" we removed from the hull were the reason of Jan Haring slow speed. That night I sailed back to Dejima with Tom and Prabhat (first time for him on a boat) and it was such a pleasure! Now the boat is there waiting to be taken for sailing as soon as possible. Well, July is not that far, is it?

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