Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Remo is back from Japan (bearing the necessary gifts to make up for the 10 days he wasn't here) and today the temperature exceeded 30 degrees: all is well in the land of rice and dragons!
On Friday, the three of us are flying to Beijing to meet "la nonna" (Remo's mother) and "la zia Lara" (Remo's sister) who will be arriving from Italy. We will stay in Beijing for the weekend and come back by night train on Monday. After that, our guests will stay with us for about a month. So, today, Auro and I mopped the floor of the spare room and made up the bed (=inflatable matress) with brandnew sheets. Auro then tested the bed and found it most comfortable. Hopefully 'la nonna' and 'la zia' will like it too...

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