Sunday, 10 March 2013

Back in time: November 2012

November 2012 was the month in which Remo turned 40. He had told me many times he didn't want any party, so what did I do? I threw him a surprise party! And guess what? He liked it :-)
The day after his birthday party, however, Remo had to leave for Japan and I stayed behind with the kids. Luckily, my father and my aunt drove all the way from Belgium to keep us company a bit. About a week after they had left, my sister in law and her little girl came to stay with us.
Four candles on a small cake (on the 9th, Remo's actual birthday)
Birthday lunch at the restaurant (on the 10th of November), followed by a surprise arrival of neighbours, friends and colleagues
...with a slightly bigger cake!     

My beautiful kids one evening during that long November month
Tosca & Auro with their cousin Ginevra

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