Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Back in time: before Tosca's Birthday

On the 30th of January, we left our rental car at Charleroi airport and boarded the plane to Bologna. I was a bit nervous to travel by myself with the 2 kids and 4 bags, but they were on their best behaviour and it was one of the most relaxing flights ever. At the airport of Bologna, my sister-in-law was waiting for us and she drove us to Cesenatico where we would stay until Remo returned from Japan. 
Walking through Cesenatico with Ginevra
The first Sunday we were there was an important one, because it was the day that Ginevra (my little niece) was baptized and I became her godmother!The little ceremony during the Sunday mass was followed by a very opulent lunch at a restaurant. Unfortunately, I didn't really manage to take any photographs of this joyous occasion, so I'm hoping someone else did and will forward me some.
A freshly baptised Ginevra enjoying her lunch
Three days after Ginevra's baptism, the first pockmarks appeared on Tosca's body. The next day she had them everywhere (her head was covered with huge blisters). She had one night of fever, so I kept her in the bed with me, but other than that, she didn't really suffer much. By the time we went back to Genoa (about 10 days later), all the lesions had crusted over and were healing.
Tosca on her first day with chickenpox

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