Friday, 31 December 2010

A merrier Christmas!!

(25/12/2010) I should be in Belgium right now posting photos of our Christmas Eve in front of the Christmas tree and preparing for the big family dinner that I had been looking forward to so much, but instead I'm writing this from the house of my in-laws in Cesenatico (which is in Italy and not in Belgium) and the only photos I can show you were taken at the airport and on the train yesterday.
Let me tell you what happened. Last Tuesday (the 21st) we left the house at 8:20 in the morning for the airport of Pisa, where we arrived just before noon. We stood in line for the check-in and after we had checked in our luggage and gotten our boarding passes, the lady behind the counter noticed I was pregnant. We told her we had a letter from my gynecologist saying it was safe for me to fly. When we handed it to her, however, she noticed that the letter didn't literally say that I was healthy enough to 'fly'. After she spoke with her superiors, she told us the plane would have to leave without us unless the gynecologist could fax them another letter immediately. After some calls to the hospital, we found out that our gynecologist wasn't there on Tuesdays and no one else was certified to fax a letter like that. So, we got back on the train to Genoa. On top of that, Auro was not only exhausted, but had also developed a fever in the meanwhile.
The next morning Remo went to the hospital and got another fit-to-fly letter and in the afternoon we bought a new ticket for Friday (the 24th). On Friday we again left for the airport of Pisa (though a little less excited than on Tuesday). We checked in, they saw the letter and we made it to the gate... where we waited for some time (some hours) until they finally canceled the flight due to the bad weather in Belgium! Remo's parents, whose flight for Belgium from Bologna had also been canceled that same morning, told us to take the train to Cesenatico. And so that is what we did. 
Hoping that we will have better luck on Monday (third and final attempt), I end this post by wishing everybody who reads this a merrier Christmas than ours :-)
Pisa airport
Train between Florence and Bologna
Station of Bologna

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