Friday, 12 February 2010


 Here in Genoa, spring has decided to give us a sneak preview of what's (hopefully) soon to come. Little by little, the cold of winter is loosing the battle against the pleasantly warm and sunny spring. Last Sunday was one of those days on which spring most definitely had the upper hand. On that day, some friends we had met while living in Japan (Italian husband, Japanese wife and beautiful Italian/Japanese daughter!) came to visit us in Genoa. Together we went for a walk along the "Corso Italia", the road that runs along the coast line. Since the carnival period has started it was crowded with children dressed as spiderman, zoro, fairies and princesses. Everywhere there were vendors selling confetti (actually, the Italians call it 'coriandoli', 'confetti' refers to the sugared almonds they hand out on weddings) which children were throwing at each other with great joy! Ora, the 7 year old daughter of our friends and even Auro joined in the excitement and had the best time throwing confetti at each other.

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  1. Auro is gorgeous! If you decide on an Auro auction, I'm willing to bid as much as it takes!