Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Buon Natale da Cesenatico!

I know! It's a little bit late to wish you a merry Christmas, but nevertheless: "Buon Natale!", "Zalig Kerstfeest!" and "Merry Christmas!" to anyone who is reading this!
Last week, we left Genoa and drove down to Cesenatico (on the Adriatic coast) where my in laws have just moved into a brand new (and I must say, really beautiful!) home. Then, on the 24th, my father, brother and his 'morosa' (girlfriend) joined us from Belgium. From the day my family arrived until the day they left, we stuffed ourselves with all kinds of delicious food carefully prepared by 'nonna Valeria' (Remo's mother). Two days ago, slightly heavier than when they arrived, the Belgian part of the family left and things quieted down a bit. My jaws now have some time to relax after all the laughter of the previous days. Definitely one of the better Christmases I've had!



  1. Finally some news of you guys!! I have almost worn the print off my "refresh" button!
    How did Auro react to Santa Clause? I ask, because Jürgen got simply hysterical as soon as he saw the first one. And on the Christmas Eve, Cristian put on the clothes in front of him, but at the moment the costume was finished with the beard, Jürgen started crying again. No Santa for him, apparently :)

    I am happy to hear that you are alright, that Auro is walking and that you have nicely settled down in Genova. I wish quick recovery to Auro (and same to Jürgen, as he is down with kaze, too) and a beuatiful and very happy new year to the three of you!!!!

  2. Auro did not pay too much attention to 'Babbo Natale', I must say. Maybe because there were already so many people around him... or maybe he just had eyes for the presents ;-)