Monday, 17 August 2009

Last days

Tomorrow, Auro and I are flying to Osaka, where Remo (hopefully) will be waiting for us! Here are some pictures of the last days in Begijnendijk.
Auro has been trying to skip his morning nap, but sometimes it is just stronger than himself ;-)
Auro loves taking all of his toys out of the bag and throwing them around. And in the end he still wants a mobile phone or some keys to play with...Auro on his uncle's shoulders... for sure the highest place he has ever sat!


  1. The picture with his granddad is really sweet!

  2. Zia Lara said....
    this is my first time....i'm trying but i'm not sure that you can receive it!
    I must learn, because when my love Auro will be a big boy...he can read!!!
    This picture is so nice!

  3. Pascale: thanks for the nice comment!
    Zia Lara: you have managed very well! thank you!!