Thursday, 16 July 2009

Last minute

Tomorrow, Auro will be 10 months old, but today, while he is still 9 months old, his 6th tooth came through! And I can assure you this one is just as sharp as the other five.Two teeth on the bottom and four on the top: his mouth is in balance again... at least for now ;-)


  1. 6 teeth!!!!!!! :O
    and you donçt even understand when they come through - they just appear! amazing! enviable!

  2. Well... he has been extremely clingy and difficult to please for about 3 weeks (since I arrived here), but I don't know if his teeth have anything to do with that... I've given up on guessing what could be reasons for his fussiness ;-)

  3. Well, maybe the fussiness has to do with the age. Or simply the period of changes and they are old enough to notice and get confused by it. Jürgen also became very fussy and clingy mama's boy around three weeks ago and the first week here in Estonia was just a nightmare. Nobody could even look at him. Him, who was always a very sociable kid! And all this fuss doesn't have any relation with teeth in our case :) I have to be at sight always and he keeps climbing up my legs, which is very annoying when you have to cook, for example.