Friday, 6 March 2009

Auro's chairs

Auro is the proud owner of not one, not two, but THREE different chairs. Allow me to introduce them to you!
The first one is not really a chair in the strictest sense of the word. It is what they call a 'baby walker'. This chair should help him learn how to walk. It was given to us by a lady colleague of Remo and was used successfully by her (now 15 months old) son. Auro is, however, still a bit too young to use it properly since he can not sit up by himself yet. So, whenever I put him in it, he immediately falls forward onto the little table. Even though he looks extremely uncomfortable, he does not dislike 'hanging' like that and I can usually leave him there for a good 15 minutes before he tires of it.
Chair number 2, the 'aquarium bouncer' was a recent purchase. We ordered it from and had it delivered to the boat in Japan. Remo brought it to Changchun 2 weeks ago. The chair works on batteries and has all the features to calm down a baby. It vibrates softly while bubbles of air are circulating in the plastic aquarium. The sound button gives the choice between music or 3 different kinds of water-sounds. We use it often during dinner. Auro then sits there quietly watching us eat!
The third chair is a high chair. Auro is almost 6 months old, so he will have to start eating solids soon. Last week Sunday I started him on 1 teaspoon of rice cereals (mixed with breast milk) per day. The first time we put him in his chair and tried to feed him with a spoon, he had no idea what was happening and tears kept rolling down his cheecks.(really heartbreaking!) As soon as he smelled the milk from the spoon however, he calmed down. He soon understood that he had to open his mouth when the spoon was approaching, but his thrust reflex was still there, so not much of the rice cereal made it to his stomach. Since last Sunday, I've fed him like this every day and he is getting better at it. From next week I would like to feed him 2 spoons per day, so by the time we are back in Changchun, we can start with vegetable and fruit purees!


  1. your blog is feel good......

  2. Auro is doing really very well! Is he trying to grab the spoon and help you yet?

  3. J├╝rgen has got the aquarium bouncer as well, or rather, we borrowed it from a friend, because the time for use is rather short. But he enjoys it a lot. He throws his feet up against the aquarium screen and then concentrates on getting the socks off :D But yes, this chair is definitely my best friend for breakfast :)